The Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping (Advertising)

Durable vehicle wrap & fleet signage

According to UK Government statistics, the average driver spends one month in every year behind the wheel and up to 3000 people will see their vehicle every day!

The cost per 100 sightings of your vehicle is as little as 4p. In comparison, direct mail is £1.94, and radio advertising is £1.21 per 100. In effect, vehicle advertising, particularly on Britain’s busy roads, is the most cost-effective method of reaching your target audience.

What’s more, a high-quality vehicle wrap from GK signs can last up to 5 years as opposed to a newspaper, radio or promotional advertisement which is always short term. How many people will see your vehicle over that period!

Maximise exposure

The outside of your business vehicle is potential advertising space: the vehicle already belongs to you, so the natural next step is to get as noticed as possible. Vehicle and fleet wrap not only brands your business but attracts consumers to you. You can achieve all that with our full-colour, beautifully designed, durable vehicle and fleet signage.  The cost of vehicle and fleet graphics or wraps depends on many factors, but we will always work around your budget whether you need full or part-wrap or just cut vinyl letters.

GK Signs branding experience

Choosing GK Signs is choosing the market leader in vehicle wrapping in the UK. We have vast experience of vehicle wrapping and vehicle graphics, whether it’s car graphics, van graphics, fleet livery, coach graphics, cut vinyl graphics or full-colour graphics.

Your vehicles will inevitably show the signs of clocking up miles on Britain’s motorways. By going down the vehicle wrapping route you can not only enhance your company brand but you can protect your paintwork. GK Signs always use a vehicle wrapping vinyl with a matching protective vehicle wrapping over-laminate which extends the life and look of the vehicle wrap and at the same time also protects your paintwork from stone chips and minor abrasions. So, whether you are wrapping your vehicle for a short-term promotion or the length of its lease, you can benefit from protecting the paintwork.

Vehicle wrapping has many benefits including helping the re-sell value of the vehicle. How do you make sure your vehicle incorporates your company colours? Buying a white vehicle is the most popular and cost-effective option, particularly if you have a large number of vehicles to purchase. This gives you the option of getting your vehicle spray painted or wrapped.

A painted vehicle can look good, but there is a cost associated when you need to sell or return your vehicle at the end of its lease period. For example, if you need to return the vehicle to its original white colour, you’ll need to get it re-sprayed. If you choose the vehicle wrapping option you can simply have the wrap removed in a matter of hours before the end of its lease period or when it comes to selling the vehicle. If you choose to have your vehicle spray painted you’ll still need to spend additional money on graphics to advertise your business and create a professional image. Vehicle wrapping means you can have any colour or design using any number of colours.

Vehicle wrapping and vehicle graphics are a great way of strengthening your brand identity, giving your business a professional image. Your van, car, truck, coach or fleet graphics can be as understated or as spectacular as you wish, with photographic images creating virtually any look or design. What does it say about your business when you have tired looking vehicles on the road?

With the GK Signs’ commitment to customer service and after-sales support and our ability to match your budget and expectations we well as provide great bespoke service nationwide, there is no better choice to turn to for your vehicle wrapping and vehicle graphics needs.

Another cost-effective advantage of vehicle wrapping is the fact that the wrap can often be completed in one day meaning you lose very little time and money by having your vehicle off the road. GK Signs fitters are based all across the UK so you have the option of us working at your premises, at our offices or indeed at the manufacturers or body shops. Furthermore, when you use high-quality vehicle wrapping materials it will only take a few hours to remove the graphics at the end of the life/lease/promotion.

You may have a specific RAL or Pantone colour which incorporates your company branding. Here at GK Signs we can print and match any colour and send you a printed sample before we start the work. For example, you may want us to match the colour of the wrap to your curtain sided trailers. We can also match against any existing artwork and designs meaning we can help you out even if you have already started a contract with someone else.

For some of our large vehicle fleet customers, it’s really useful that we provide a replacement service to any individual panels of their vehicle wraps. For example, one of your vehicles may need a door replacing: for this, we can simply replace that vehicle wrap panel, meaning you don’t have to have the whole vehicle re-wrapped.

You can completely transform the look of a vehicle not just by using full-colour images but by choosing one colour. For example, your red car can be matt black in a flash! Again, this material can then be removed whenever you wish to revert back to the car’s original colours. This is becoming more and more popular with customers realising that it is sometimes a cheaper option than actually having their car re-sprayed. There are hundreds of different colours available including various metallic options which look great.



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