Perimeter Fence – an innovation in Site Security & Marketing

When determining how to secure your site, conventional timber hoarding is a very common first choice. Take a look at our Hoarding Graphics products to see more. This hoarding is commonly dressed afterwards with additional panels so that your marketing messages are effectively displayed.

Want more? GK Signs is proud to announce our all new perimeter marketing system.

This ultra secure panelled perimeter fence has been specifically designed for new home builders. It encompasses an all new type of design, structure and installation method that is not only stronger than conventional timber hoarding but is much simpler to install and alter. Additionally, it requires no concrete, and above all could save a substantial amount on both the development’s construction and marketing budgets.

In fact, over the next 12 months we envision to have saved millions of pounds for our customers by combining the new GK Perimeter Marketing system with their signage needs.

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